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ChickenWhisperer1976, Tampa, United States
Age: 43
Location: Tampa, Florida, United States
Relationship Type: Marriage
Last Activity: 09/16/2019

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Describe yourself
Christian woman who loves music, singing, nature/countryside, reading (Jane Austen buff) animals, laughing and much more.
Coffee and tea snob :P
I have travelled overseas (Spain, Japan and France) and cross country on my own many times.
I don't think having a spouse should complete me. It should be a blessing and enhance my life but I am complete in Christ. Being saved in Christ gets me to Heaven, not a spouse but we should encourage and help one another in the faith :)
Describe who you're looking for
Strong Christian first and foremost. Qualities I look for and admire most: honest/sincere, intelligent, great sense of humor, down to earth/easy going/doesn't sweat the small stuff, deep thinker/analytical, respectful and responsible.
Someone who "gets" me and vice versa. He has lived and experienced life in a way that has made him cling to, wiser in and stronger in the Lord.
He knows love is an action word and is not a fleeting fluttery feeling or lust (although, feelings and lust are certainly part of a marriage relationship and can grow, especially over time) . It's a choice and commitment :)
Do you have any pet peeves?
I have some ;)
Favorite Bible verse(s) and/or hymn(s) and why
Roman 8: 38, 39 ~ the Love of God in Christ never fails!

Night With Ebon Pinion, Flee As A Bird... somber songs that remind me of the price He paid and our need for saving.
Any other information about you we should know?
I love the ocean (water), sci fi, foreign films/TV, soccer (Antoine Griezmann fan), the golf channel and bowling.
About ChickenWhisperer1976
Height: 5' 10" - 178 cm
Weight: I'd rather not say
Body: Heavy
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye: Green
Hair: Brown
Status: Never married
Alcohol: I never drink
Smoking: I never smoke
Level of education: 1-2 years of college
How often you work out: 2 to 3 times a week
How often you cook: 2 to 3 times a week
Other information
Number of previous marriages: -
Would you date someone that was divorced: No
How many children you have: -
Would you be interested in someone with children: No
Do you want children yourself: Not sure
Type of a congregation do you belong to: Mainstream
How often you gather with the congregation: Once a week
How active are you with the congregation: Occasionally
Your views on worship: Conservative
Year you were baptized: 2002
Profession: Other
How are you with money: I am an average money saver
How you were raised: Strict
How you will raise your kids: Average
Amount of time you spend at work: 30 to 40 hours a week
Your future work plans for number of hours you will spend at work: Stay where it is at
How far you are willing to move: Within my country
Are you ticklish: No
If you are a woman, how much makeup do you normally wear, if you're a man, how much makeup do you prefer?: Minimal - Average
Have you ever led any of the following: Childrens Class
Sports you enjoy: Tennis, Soccer
Other interests you may have: Languages, History, Coffee shops, I enjoy art, Traveling, Reading, Seeing Movies
About partner
Age Range: 32 - 53
Height: 4' 0" - 121 cm - 7' 0" - 213 cm
Weight: I'd rather not say - more than 308 lbs - 140 kg
Body: Please ask me
Ethnicity: Please ask me
Eye: Please ask me
Hair: Please ask me
Status: Widowed, Never married
Alcohol: I never drink
Smoking: I never smoke
Level of education: Please ask me
How often you work out: Please ask me
How often you cook: Please ask me

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