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Reesedds, Texarkana, United States
Age: 30
Location: Texarkana, Arkansas, United States
Relationship Type: Serious
Last Activity: 08/20/2019

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Describe yourself
I'm Reese. I'm a dentist. The Lord has immensely blessed me. I have a good career to provide for a family, own a house, have great parents etc and I am thankful. I'm not here to play games. I'm looking for someone to be a companion. Who'll help me strive to be the best version of myself I can be.
Describe who you're looking for
smart with a fun personality coming from a good family. Someone interested in the possibility of a relationship. Moral, caring, possessing values... Someone who can be outside and do things, hiking, skiing, fishing, etc. as well as shopping, I like it all actually! Nothing beats out under the stars viewing the Creation. I don't mind driving!
Do you have any pet peeves?
I'm pretty patient but can't stand snobbery. And also the fact this site keeps loading my pictures sideways.
Favorite Bible verse(s) and/or hymn(s) and why
Farther along, just a little talk with Jesus, hilltops of glory, the great physician, every hour and every day, and heard one the other day that very nearly made me cry, there's a light shining.
Any other information about you we should know?
This is where getting to know one another comes in to play...
About Reesedds
Height: 5' 11" - 180 cm
Weight: 189 lbs - 86 kg
Body: Average
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye: Green
Hair: Blondish brown
Status: Never married
Alcohol: I never drink
Smoking: I never smoke
Level of education: Graduate School
How often you work out: Every once in a while
How often you cook: I cook occasionally
Other information
Number of previous marriages: -
Would you date someone that was divorced: Maybe - if it was scriptural
How many children you have: -
Would you be interested in someone with children: Maybe - depends on the situtation
Do you want children yourself: I want kids someday
Type of a congregation do you belong to: Non-Institutional - No Kitchens in Church Building
How often you gather with the congregation: Twice a week
How active are you with the congregation: Very Active - I help out a lot
Your views on worship: Conservative
Year you were baptized: 2004
Profession: Medical (Nurse - Doctor - EMT - etc.)
How are you with money: I am an average money saver
How you were raised: Average
How you will raise your kids: Strict
Amount of time you spend at work: 30 to 40 hours a week
Your future work plans for number of hours you will spend at work: Decrease
How far you are willing to move: Within my country
Are you ticklish: No
If you are a woman, how much makeup do you normally wear, if you're a man, how much makeup do you prefer?: Natural - Minimal
Have you ever led any of the following: Led singing for a group of men and women, Preached to an audience of men and women, Bible Class for a group of men and women, Bible Class for a group of men, Devotional for a group of men and women, Devotional for a group of men, Childrens Class
Sports you enjoy: SnowSports, Watersports
Other interests you may have: Technology, Science, Languages, History, I enjoy art, Crafts, Traveling, Reading, Seeing Movies
About partner
Age Range: 20 - 31
Height: 5' 0" - 152 cm - 6' 1" - 185 cm
Weight: I'd rather not say - more than 308 lbs - 140 kg
Body: Athletic, Average, Slim-Average, Slim
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye: Please ask me
Hair: Please ask me
Status: Divorced, scriptually able to remarry, Widowed, Never married
Alcohol: I drink a couple of times a year, I never drink
Smoking: I never smoke
Level of education: Please ask me
How often you work out: Please ask me
How often you cook: Please ask me

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