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MTipikw, Tomball, United States
Age: 33
Location: Tomball, Texas, United States
Relationship Type: Serious
Last Activity: 06/05/2022

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Describe yourself
I am a 5 foot 7 athletic guy who loves the outdoors (hunting and fishing), all sports and movies. I played baseball in HS and went to Harding on a baseball scholarship and wanted to be a youth minister. I am good hearted but let the world beat me down when things did not work out at Harding and life got tough. My family is all Church of Christ for many generations. When you get out of the youth group setting some times there is this alone feeling. I want to feel like I did in those days.
Describe who you're looking for
I am not looking for anyone perfect but a girl that likes to go and do things would be fun. I like a sense of humor. The main thing is she is walking in the direction that takes her to the father. One who cares for others more than herself, and sober is a must. Life is hard enough by yourself, so Im hoping the one I am with wants to tackle it together and make each others road less traveled better.
Do you have any pet peeves?
Smoking and any girls that party. I used to smoke and stopped but now I vape until I can stop that. Girl has to be 100% sober.
Favorite Bible verse(s) and/or hymn(s) and why
My favorite verse is Phil 4:13
728B and Lord reign in Me
I like a lot of youth songs but Gods house is a big big house is sentimental. We sand that when my best friend at
the time was baptized.
So you may not know them but I like anything by Petra. I know they were old but I grew up listening to them with my dad and Uncle.
Any other information about you we should know?
I am not perfect and dont expect you to be but we can be better together than we are apart.
About MTipikw
Height: 5' 7" - 170 cm
Weight: 161 lbs - 73 kg
Body: Athletic
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye: Grey
Hair: Brown
Status: Divorced, scriptually able to remarry
Alcohol: I never drink
Smoking: I never smoke
Level of education: 1-2 years of college
How often you work out: 3 to 4 times a week
How often you cook: I cook occasionally
Other information
Number of previous marriages: 1
Would you date someone that was divorced: Yes
How many children you have: 1
Would you be interested in someone with children: Yes
Do you want children yourself: I want more kids (someday)
Type of a congregation do you belong to: Mainstream
How often you gather with the congregation: A few times a month
How active are you with the congregation: Occasionally
Your views on worship: Moderate
Year you were baptized: 2001
Profession: Other
How are you with money: I am not good at saving money
How you were raised: Strict
How you will raise your kids: Average
Amount of time you spend at work: 30 to 40 hours a week
Your future work plans for number of hours you will spend at work: Stay where it is at
How far you are willing to move: Within my city
Are you ticklish: Yes
If you are a woman, how much makeup do you normally wear, if you're a man, how much makeup do you prefer?: Natural - Minimal
Have you ever led any of the following: Led singing for a group of men and women, Preached to an audience of men and women, Bible Class for a group of men, Devotional for a group of men and women
Sports you enjoy: Volleyball, Softball, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, SnowSports, Watersports
Other interests you may have: Seeing Movies
About partner
Age Range: 24 - 35
Height: 4' 0" - 121 cm - 7' 0" - 213 cm
Weight: 110 lbs - 50 kg - 150 lbs - 68 kg
Body: Athletic, Average, Slim-Average, Slim
Ethnicity: Mixed race, Jewish, Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian
Eye: Please ask me
Hair: Please ask me
Status: Please ask me
Alcohol: I never drink
Smoking: I never smoke
Level of education: Please ask me
How often you work out: Please ask me
How often you cook: Please ask me

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