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may86, Fayetteville, United States
Age: 36
Location: Fayetteville, Tennessee, United States
Relationship Type: Marriage
Last Activity: 08/16/2022

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Describe yourself
I'm a Christian only, striving to be the woman God would have me to be. I enjoy reading (children's literature, classics, and historical fiction mostly), sewing, crafting (cards, painting, etc.), essential oils, making children's Bible class material, and music (singing, piano and violin, as well as listening to movie scores, classical, some country, some celtic, and lots more), among other things. I am hot-natured, but enjoy going to Bible camp at Fall Creek Falls, and tent camping at Roundhouse (homeschool get-together). I was homeschooled most of my early education and finishing with college at FHU. Now, I'm a licensed K-6 teacher in TN and use that to help homeschoolers and to sub in the local school system. I also enjoy helping others in any way I can (hard for me to say "no" to requests for help), especially relating to living a clean, toxin-free lifestyle. I'm a night owl, so I like staying up late and then sleeping late. Although I'm not truly OCD, I like to keep things as neat as I can (doesn't always happen) and enjoy checking things off my to-do list! Friends and family (including church family) are very important to me and I'm typically the type of person who is there for any church event. I'm typically sentimental and sometimes emotional and traditions usually mean a lot to me (family/friend/holiday traditions, not church traditions). I cry at the drop of a hat, but it doesn't always mean I'm sad (any strong emotion). I like watching movies, but struggle to find movies that I completely approve of (I'm flexible with some things but still don't like it). I'm generally a fan (though not extreme) of such fandoms as Doctor Who, LOTR/Hobbit, some Marvel, Hunger Games, and a few others. I love traveling and have been on several overseas and stateside mission trips. I would travel a lot more if I could afford it! This description is extremely random, which kindof bothers me, but not enough to go back and re-order everything.
Describe who you're looking for
I'm looking for a solid Christian man, most importantly. I want him to be my best friend. I want for his first priority to be right with God, and then his second priority to be to help me be right with God. While not necessarily set against a new Christian, I'd love it if he had a solid background in the Lord's church. Either way, I'd like to see a willingness to grow and to take the leadership role that God has given him. I don't want to have to push him to be the leader in the family and I'd love to see him desire to be a leader in the church as well (not prideful, but a humble desire).
I'd love someone with similar tastes in music/movies and activities, but I'd much rather us be on the same page on topics such as education (homeschooling especially), health (toxin-free living), who can support me in my business (toxin-free products), and who would be willing to consider the idea of moving overseas to do mission work. I'd rather have someone who, while understanding my weaknesses, can lovingly push me to be better (such as exercising more even though I despise it). I want him to be able to honestly consider different opinions, even on little things.
I realize that looks is always a factor for anyone (myself included) no matter how much we try, but I try very hard to minimize the importance of outward appearances and instead consider the heart and personality, because that is what I want him to do for me. That being said, if possible, I'd rather him be taller than my 5'9, just because I feel like that will help me be submissive in every form and fashion.
Things that would make me melt would be having a good singing voice, being able to play an instrument (especially one he could play for me, like guitar), and being spontaneous sometimes but thoughtful enough to plan ahead sometimes.
Maybe I'm wishing for perfection, but that is not my intention. We are all imperfect and I want to be willing to overlook imperfections just as I want him to overlook mine.
Do you have any pet peeves?
I'm normally pretty easy-going. :-) Most things that people classify as "pet peeves" don't really bother me. These are more actions that cause me to lose respect for a person.

I don't like being manipulated.
I don't like it when someone refuses to try their best.
It bothers me when someone is a picky eater, especially at someone else's house (not "just because" as in a pet peeve, but because that indicates to me that they do not care how it looks to refuse food that someone else prepared for you).
Along those lines, anything that would reflect badly on us as a Christian or as an American (or where ever a person is from) really bothers me (read the book "The Ugly American" for more that).

I'll think on this more, and if I come up with actual pet-peeves, I'll try to come back and add them.
Favorite Bible verse(s) and/or hymn(s) and why
This is a hard one!
Verses: Luke 1:37 - It reminds me of fairytales and magic, not that I believe God does things like that, but it's fascinating to me to think that He could if He wanted to.
Psalm 8 and Psalm 139 - I love the references to nature
Romans 8 - so encouraging!

Let the Lower Lights Be Burning - the backstory is SO neat! And I love the application.
Be With Me, Lord - encouraging, so much so that I can't express how much
Trust and Obey - this is one that my grandfather sang/hummed all the time (I was very close to him)
O Lord, Our Lord and Resurrection - I just have fun being able to sing these
The Lord Bless You and Keep You - this was always the last song we sang in chorus.
In Christ Alone - such powerful words and yet an older, hymn-style of music.

I may add to this more later.
Any other information about you we should know?

A lot of people would say I'm an extrovert and out-going, and I can be, especially with people that I already know and am comfortable with, but there is definitely an aspect of me that is introverted. I need alone time and many times social settings, especially with strangers, can be very stressful for me. I also struggle with self-confidence and have very few friends that I'm very close to. I do my best to be friendly and outgoing and inclusive, but often, I'd just rather stay in the background.

I may add to this later.
About may86
Height: 5' 9" - 175 cm
Weight: I'd rather not say
Body: Average-Heavy
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye: Brown
Hair: Brown
Status: Never married
Alcohol: I never drink
Smoking: I never smoke
Level of education: Bachelors Degree
How often you work out: 2 to 3 times a week
How often you cook: I cook occasionally
Other information
Number of previous marriages: -
Would you date someone that was divorced: Maybe - if it was scriptural
How many children you have: -
Would you be interested in someone with children: Maybe - depends on the situtation
Do you want children yourself: I want kids someday
Type of a congregation do you belong to: Mainstream
How often you gather with the congregation: I'm there when the doors are open!
How active are you with the congregation: Very Active - I help out a lot
Your views on worship: Very Conservative
Year you were baptized: 1997
Profession: Teaching (All kinds)
How are you with money: I am not good at saving money
How you were raised: Average
How you will raise your kids: Average
Amount of time you spend at work: Part time
Your future work plans for number of hours you will spend at work: Decrease
How far you are willing to move: To another country
Are you ticklish: Yes
If you are a woman, how much makeup do you normally wear, if you're a man, how much makeup do you prefer?: Natural - Minimal
Have you ever led any of the following: Led Singing for a group of women, Bible Class for a group of women, Devotional for a group of women, Childrens Class
Sports you enjoy: Volleyball, Watersports
Other interests you may have: Technology, Science, Languages, History, Coffee shops, I enjoy art, Crafts, Traveling, Reading, Seeing Movies
About partner
Age Range: 30 - 37
Height: 5' 9" - 175 cm - 7' 0" - 213 cm
Weight: I'd rather not say - I'd rather not say
Body: Please ask me
Ethnicity: Please ask me
Eye: Please ask me
Hair: Greying Black, Greying Brown, Greying Blondish brown, Greying Blonde, Greying Redish blonde, Greying Red, Black, Brown, Blondish brown, Blonde, Redish blonde, Red
Status: Divorced, scriptually able to remarry, Widowed, Never married
Alcohol: I never drink
Smoking: I never smoke
Level of education: Please ask me
How often you work out: Please ask me
How often you cook: Please ask me

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