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Steve (FishingforGod) and Brittany (bdamian)

Just wanted to let you all at Church of Christ Singles know that your website has helped me and my fiance find the love that we both knew we deserved. So first of all... THANK YOU for the work you do, without this site, I wouldn't have met my Steve. :)

We both got on the site not really sure about what to expect and not having any experience with online dating at all. To be quite honest, we both felt equally weird about online dating but decided to give it a try. I have 2 couples in my home church that met on the site and after a bad divorce to an unbeliever who had an affair when our daughter was 8 weeks old, I knew I wanted a strong Christian man and would not settle for anything less ever again.

Steve and I began talking in October 2012 on the website. We talked for maybe a month or less and he decided he was going to try to date someone in his church so he deleted his account telling me, "Hey, you're a really great girl, but it doesn't feel right talking to you and her at the same time." Sooo.. I was thankful he told me the truth and honestly didn't think much about it. Since we have been able to talk that over more now, we have both decided that neither of us were all the way ready at that time. He had come out of a long relationship about the same time I got divorced. So the timing was off, but then on December 3, 2012, we began talking again almost nonstop. He added me on Facebook and we soon exchanged numbers. He graduated college and got a youth ministry position in the panhandle of Texas while I was 14 hours away in Alabama working and being a single mom. We talked nonstop for about 2 1/2 months, sometimes until 3 or 4 am. We decided that I would come to visit him first in Texas. (I didn't want to introduce my daughter until I knew for sure that he was the one.) So I went to Texas and it was like I had known him my whole life... It was a little awkward for maybe 5 minutes then the rest of the trip was incredible! He told me he loved me the second night I was there and it just happened to be Valentines day so he surprised me with three stack rings, each one representing 3 birthstones, one for him, my daughter and myself. I thought it was the sweetest thing!

I left knowing I had found THE ONE, an incredible Christian man, who loved me and was willing to love my daughter as his own. Steve visited in April, he came down for my daughters 1st birthday party. He helped me get the party set up. He was GREAT with my daughter and my family loved him immediantly. The last night he was here was a Sunday night and after church, we came back to my parents house and he asked me to marry him on April 7, 2013!!! Of course, I said YES!

Since the engagement, Steve moved to Alabama at the beginning of May 2013, found a job in youth ministry 30 minutes away from my hometown, and we are working together to plan our wedding set for August 10, 2013. So many prayers were answered, thanks to this site. :)