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About us

This site is *only* for members of the Churches of Christ - from all over the world!

Yep, it's free to join! Non-paying members can look through the listings and can view the successes page. But it *does* cost to be able to write to other members!

Current costs: $10.00 for 1 month, $24.00 for 3 months ($8.00 a month), $42.00 for 6 months ($7.00 a month), $72.00 for 12 months ($6.00 a month). I regretfully had to start charging because of the massive finacial drain it was becoming. But this is a fair price - look around, most sites charge 4 or 5 times as much!

If you want to help out and make a donation it would be appreciated! Email me for more info on how to help out! Or go ahead and Donate to this ministry.

The website is set up to be a confidential and allow people to choose how much information to supply about themselves.

I would caution everyone to be wise in how much information you provide and where you provide it (i.e. Don't put your home phone number in the Describe Yourself section). Others will have only as much information as you want them to have. Like I said just be careful and use your brain.

This site was started because single members of the Church of Christ are very spread out and a way to connect them all was needed. The fact is that there are many singles that don't know of other single members of the church within a hundred miles! But their desire to meet other members of the church doesn't dissappear - it just gets dissappointed and they begin looking elsewhere or give up. The more I thought about it the more I realized that God had given me certain skills that I needed to put to use in this "mission field" of sorts. I've spent years of my personal time (this isn't supporting me, I do have a normal full-time job) and lots of my own money to get this site off of the ground.

I will not give any of your personal information to any company or person. I know how much I hate all the SPAM mail I get. You *may* get an occasional (sporadic may be a better word) email from the site telling you if a new feature has been added - but I promise that those will be few and far between.

I'll have to ask for your patience with this site - we will always have some growing pains - but I will work to keep these to a minimum.

Please pray for me to perservere with this work!

Your Brother, Jim Foster

Our Mailing Address:

40 W. Littleton Blvd, Suite 210-308
Littleton, CO 80120

However, you'll get better/faster response by sending an email to postmaster@churchofchristsingles.com

Types of members

Our site has both "Free" and "Gold" members. Free members can create a profile, upload their photo, and search the member database. Gold members can do all this and also send email and chat with other members.


We receive lots of success stories each year from members who have found a partner on our service. Many have gotten married and we are happy to report the birth of several babies! We will soon be improving our success story section to include photos!

So what are you waiting for?