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Aquarium Owners

Do you love Fish? Then come on down and say Hi! 
04/15/2014 00:38:12


I am a Reptile lover...there are many others who love reptiles as well. A little education and knowledge goes a long way. I am an owner of 3 great snakes, non-venomous! Captive bred! Come and join me to share your reptiles or ask me questions. 
09/05/2011 17:06:50

pets & animals

Has any one ever had a tibetan terrier? One of the best pets I ever owned... 
10/15/2010 21:25:48

I love my fur babies

My name is Jewels I live in Columbia Missouri I have 8 doggies two are rescue 6 are long haired chihuahua's. I own only three or should I say they own me..LOL. the others belong to my parents. I love all animals. 
04/01/2010 13:16:11

Cat Lovers

You ♥ Cats! 
07/20/2009 23:30:29

Dog Lovers

This is my second try at starting this group. Some how the first group for Chihuahua's got locked and know one can join. This group is for all DOGLET people. What dogs do have and how many do you have?  
06/30/2009 01:36:24
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