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Church of Christ Widows/Widowers

This is a support group within the Church of Christ Singles site for widows and widowers. Please drop in and say hello! 
09/08/2018 15:35:55

Ghost Town

Nothing seems to be happening on this website!! No chat, no groups since awhile back, and barely even an active member! If you want to pursue a person who interest you, by all means, go for it!! Life is short! 
10/28/2016 14:33:26

Carole May

If anyone within the reach of this website has been personally affected by suicide in their family, let's organize a support group. The solution to the prevention of this tragedy is to gain more knowledge regarding our value to God as an individual per 
01/08/2016 21:14:21

Bible study--Q & A Forum

So a good Christian should always wanted to better their Bible knowledge,ultimately bettering our relationship with God. But sometimes we don't know about or fully understand certain things from God's word. So I wanted to start this group where people can 
09/12/2015 14:48:37

Sunday school and Wednesday night teachers.

For member who has ever taught Sunday School or Wednesday night class. Any age group. 
04/12/2015 16:57:07


Do we have any hobbiest woodworkers who like to make things for special occasions? 
08/18/2013 19:10:16

Bible studies

I would like to have classes on the Bible and Bible related information. 
02/03/2011 19:20:34

Full figured and BBW and Men who are single

Fellow Christian singles I am starting this group with the hope that others like me will join so we can support each other and pray for each other. I believe that everyone has someone out there that god has for us. And that they wont mind that we are Fluf 
04/01/2010 14:44:04

EOS Browser

Try out the new EOS browser by going to www.ibrowse4free.com and download the browser. You're probably asking why? Because EOS is the world's first rewards browser. Anyone can join as a free member and download the browser, set it as your default homepage 
03/06/2010 12:34:33

Books, Books, and More Books

If you enjoy books and love to read... this is the place to be... Stop by and let's talk about your favorite authors.... 
08/18/2009 17:09:41
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