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Central CofC Regional Singles Retreat 2011 at PBC Your RSVP

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Posted By: amima
Hosted By: amima
When: 14, Oct 2011 at 08:00
Where: (near Greenville SC), Palmetto Bible Camp

Join us for our third annual retreat. We invite singles 18 years and up who are never married, divorced, or widowed. In the past we've had people ages twentysomething to sixtysomething who have all enjoyed a weekend of fellowship centered around Christ in the beautiful mountains during the fall. They have come from GA, SC, NC, AL, KY, & FL. Speaker: Jon Podein from Calhoun Church of Christ in Calhoun, GA. Cost: $50 with priori...ty registration (Sept. 15); $75 after Sept. 15 More info will be available at http://www.visitcentral.org/ Theme: Soul Food (Spiritual Growth) Session 1: Eating Alone--Where is God? There are times in life when God seems distant. Where is He? How sin/etc. separate us from God. What are spiritual disciplines that will keep us close to God? Session 2: Fast Food—Our Unhealthy Choices Discussion of all the wrong places we seek to satisfy our worldly cravings and how to avoid these idols. Session 3: Dinner for Two--Spiritual Growth in Community How can we be an encourager to follow God in our family, church family, friendships and romantic relationships? Free time: hiking, etc. Session 4: Soup Kitchen--Spiritual Growth Through Service Why do we grow so much when we put others first and help others grow (in our communities and in missions)? How do we reach outside the body of Christ to help others grow in Him? Sat. night: singing, campfire, s'mores Session 5 (Sun. worship): The Feast--Rewards of Spiritual Growth What motivates us to stay strong till the end in both heavenly and earthly terms? What is the role of corporate worship in our spiritual growth?
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davaa2012 08, Jul 2011 - 10:55
The event they have posted at the website is for 2010. Do you know if they have information on one for 2011 yet?
startingover2011 30, Jun 2011 - 11:24
I might be attending with 0 Guests

amima 13, Jun 2011 - 12:55
I posted this event but it is not personally "my" event. haha. I just wanted to get the word out b/c we have such a good time at the retreat! Please go the Central Church of Christ's (Augusta, GA) website: www.visitcentral.org For more information. Please consider coming! You'll have a wonderful time!

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