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Posted By: dixonmom4
Hosted By: dixonmom4
When: 13, Nov 2020 at 03:00
Where: Oakman, AL, Indian Creek Youth Camp

When: November 13-15, 2020 Where: Indian Creek Youth Camp Oakman, AL (Close to Jasper, AL) www.icycal.com Cost: $50.00 (Includes 2 nights stay at camp and 6 meals) Activities: Devotionals, Singing, Games, Food, Fellowship, Canoeing, Volleyball, Basketball, etc Speakers: David Dixon (Sixth Avenue Church of Christ; Jasper, AL) Brandon Jackson (Hatt Church of Christ, Parrish, AL) Ages: 25+ Questions: Lori Dixon- (334)625-0079 or dixonmom6@gmail.com Bryana Brophy- (256)584-2471 or maylaenterprises@gmail.com What to Bring: Bible, notebook, twin sheets or other desired bedding, towels, rain coat, board games, cards, camping chairs, good shoes (we will be outside), umbrella, flashlight, snacks to share, etc. We will be staying in cabins with heat/air conditioning. Bathrooms are in separate buildings but in close proximity to the cabins. The ICYC Board has asked us to adhere to the following dress code: • Proper clothing becoming of a Christian must be worn in all public areas. • Lower garments must reach the knee or below. The knee is defined as: the joint of the leg that allows for movement between the femur (thigh bone) and tibia (lower leg bone) and is protected by the patella (knee cap). • Any clothing that reveals the midriff or cleavage should not be worn. • Any clothing that is excessively tight, such as yoga pants, leggings, compression clothing, and the like, should not be worn as outer garments and must be covered by a garment that adheres to the policies above. • Any clothing that displays inappropriate graphics or wording are not allowed. We would love for you to come join us for a wonderful weekend of fellowship and fun! If you would like to join us for the weekend, please Paypal (friends and family) a $20 deposit (so we can purchase food) to Lori Dixon (Panama St. church of Christ) by November 8, 2020. My Paypal address is hucknbluebiz@yahoo.com. The rest can be paid at the retreat.
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ncjc93 11, Nov 2020 - 01:02
I will be attending with 0 Guests

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